Majora Carter– A personal mentor to many, even if she doesn’t know it.

When I first heard of her, I was sitting in the classroom of Sustainable South Bronx, a green jobs training program I signed up for after getting laid off from a great job in the nonprofit sector during the economic downturn.  Instead of sulking or staying angry with my situation I decided to use the time off as an opportunity to grow. I registered myself to start my Masters degree in Non-profit management, to better prepare myself for the future and decided to follow my lifelong ambition to learn about environmental stewardship. My natural inclination to “get my hands dirty” by gardening, nature walks, advocating and pestering for recycling and other sustainable practices was now the main event and not just a background interest. My goal is to apply this knowledge to my community and pass on the spark.

We were shown the story of Majora growing up in the Bronx, (like I and most of my classmates did) and then her speaking engagement I was blown away by her passion and determination to make positive change happen. I was shown that it is possible for one person to make a difference in a town many people would have thought otherwise.

I am two semesters away from my degree, started two of my small businesses and am working on my major sustainable community project, which will be launched later this year.

This post is just an acknowledgment piece, a public display of thanks and hopefully someone else will catch the spark to carry on their own personal passion.

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