So I like to get my hands dirty and garden as much as I can. I’ve always lived in apartments with no personal gardening space except for indoor container gardening. This has served me well, as I could control certain things while I learned how to take care of my green friends. I used to say that my specialty was raising cactus and succulents, which was true since my green thumb took some time to develop.

In 2009 I discovered window farms/gardens. Not just a window sill box or hanging planter, this is a rigged up contraption that allows for multiple plants to have space to grow right up there in the window frame. They get all the light they need and I supplement with heat-lamps. (More to come on that later).

The big one in the window

Last night I noticed that one of the plants I bought in 2009 has gotten big enough to propagate AGAIN! In the last two years I’ve been able to separate it so many times that I had to give as gifts. I’m running out of window space to put them.

After plant is removed from container, gently separate the roots leaving enough big ones on each piece that you will be making. This will help both parts be strong enough to grow on their own.

It may be good to give some of the original growing soils to each in the bottom of the new container, something they are familiar with. Add fresh soil to fill it in. Depending on the plant type I will water a bit to get it going, some plants may not need it. These I did not because they are hanging in self feeders.


too big for its holder
lay it out







Back in it’s place

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