Air Conditioners
Who wants to see this above their heads all summer? Image by chooyutshing via Flickr

The heat of Summer is upon us… Time to go to the beach with a big umbrella, floppy hat and ice filled cooler, or to a tree- filled, shady park with a blanket or to a cool indoor venue for something fun.  Otherwise, I’m indoors until evening time. It’s too darn hot!

Sometimes it’s even warmer inside than it is out! So here are a few simple things to do indoors and out:

1-Keep lights off during the day.  Your eyes are perfectly fine to maneuver indoors during the day without them.  The electricity used generates tons of heat adding to what’s coming in from outside.

2-Stay hydrated!! Always have a water bottle with you, especially kids and elderly!  This is so important, dehydration happens quickly in this weather so be prepared. I spritz my body often on days like this. And drinking water or light juices are best. Have an iced coffee instead of hot when you need your fix.

3-Open the windows but draw the shades. Keep out the hot rays, let in the breeze, especially at night when the air is cooler.

4-Fans are better then air conditioners.  Aside from the huge costs due to amounts of energy used and the toxins released into the environment and the hassle of luggin’ them into a window to dangle precariously, air conditioners wouldn’t be so bad. But fans are just easier, safer and cheaper all around. And the hum of a fan is better then the hum of hundreds of machines right?

5-Keep the stove off during the day! Fresh foods and simple recipes are key to staying cool.  This is the perfect time to start eating light and healthy anyway, why crank up a furnace to make dinner?

6-If you have indoor plants, mist them often. This not only helps cool down the poor babies who can’t go get their own water, it will help cool down your space as well.
These simple things can help save you some money and save the planet!

I’m following all of these rules right now and I’m as cool as a cucumber salad 🙂

Stay tuned for more energy saving tips!

Always, the Busy Beaz!

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