Most people don’t know how important street trees are in keeping our air clean and beautifying an area.  Many Bronx streets have trees that are weak, damaged and ugly.  Many Bronx residents suffer from respiratory problems due to air pollution and other toxic factors. These things are related!

Valentine’s Day “Love Your Project” Match Campaign.

All contributions made to this project all day Tuesday, February 14th

will be matched up to $200 per donation.

We have the ability to positively impact our communities. By taking care of our street trees, we will raise awareness to the difficult conditions we (trees & people) live in. We see them everyday, but don’t really notice how our man made environment impacts their health and ultimately our own. With simple techniques, we will remedy the effects of soil compaction, which dries out trees and contributes to poor health and death of many street trees. Having healthy trees in our environment allows for better air quality, water filtration and the aesthetic benefit of a beautiful space.

Get more info here: River Garden Tree Pit Project | ioby.


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