One of my biggest pet peeves; the everyday items we use to clean our homes and bodies or to make ourselves more attractive contain ingredients that are insanely toxic to our bodies and the planet!!

12 Cosmetic Chemicals You Don’t Want to Touch

“Beauty ads make a plethora of cosmetics virtually irresistible: this lipstick will accentuate your luscious lips and this moisturizer will keep you eternally young and attractive, but there are all kinds of hidden dangers associated with these cosmetics that are very poorly understood – particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region, where regulations are slightly less robust than elsewhere. The David Suzuki foundation has published a list of the “dirty dozen” chemicals present in cosmetics that are known carcinogens or hormone disruptors, pesticides or reproductive toxins. We’ve adapted our list from there in order to spread the all-important message that women especially need to read labels to ensure that the products they use contain no invisible dangers.” Article borrowed from Green Prophet.

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Cosmetic equipment
Cosmetic equipment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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