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A Call To Duty

We are the only species able to care for and protect the planet, to keep it going for future generations to enjoy.

We can learn so much about the world just through plants!

As a child growing up, learning about our world, I often wondered if there was anything I could do to help with the environmental issues I heard about. There was much "doom and gloom" and was a concern that stayed with me and fueled the direction of my life. Children shouldn’t feel hopeless about the condition of the world. Adults need to teach the next generation what they can do to respect, conserve, restore and protect the environment.

As a young adult and concerned citizen, I began volunteering with eco-focused, community education organizations. Here I found the people dedicated to tackling our ecological challenges. Scientists, educators, and keepers of the earth, air, and water.

Now, for the last 20 years, I've managed and taught environmental education programs in Westchester and NYC to students of all ages, from Preschool to career changers. I'm interested in our understanding of the interdependence of our built and natural environments. When we care for the places we live, it communicates our shared values, increases mutual and self-respect, rebuilds human capital, and stronger communities!


Special Thanks to my partners from the NYC Department of Education, The New York Botanical Garden, Sustainable South Bronx, the Greystone Foundation, Hudson River Clearwater, CityParks Foundation, the Bronx River Alliance, and the NYC Departments of Sanitation & Sustainability, and the many other wonderful organizations that bring educational experiences to new curious minds and those who wonder about the world and their place in it.

  • ~I’m a registered NYC MBE/MWBE,
  • ~ A registered Dept. of Education Business Vendor,
  • ~and a nerd for stormwater management and green infrastructure!
  • ~DOE Vendor #BEA223146

    Our Focus

    Beazer’s Garden Workshops has a mission to help NYC reach its sustainability goals through educational workshops and hands-on environmental stewardship activities in urban areas.

    We offer eco-education workshops, garden planning and maintenance, green consulting services, and stewardship engagement activities for schools, community centers, and individuals looking to enhance their connection to our built and natural environments.

    Urban Environmental Education Consulting
    Civic Engagement & Environmental Stewardship Workshops
    Community Building through Beautification & Sustainable Features
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