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Individual Workshops for Adults

Individual Workshops for Adults

Want to meet new people, learn or develop a skill, and potentially help the environment?

You’ve found the right place!

Activities and event planning services for Eco Private Parties, Festivals, Green Markets and more!

  • Learn or develop fun Eco skills
  • Opportunities to meet like-minded Eco-enthusiasts and build community connections
  • Artistic opportunity to create with natural materials
  • Exposure to careers in the green-collar industry
  • Stewardship, civic engagement, and volunteer opportunities
  • Resources and opportunities to help you learn, understand, and maintain garden spaces, street trees, green infrastructure, storm-water management, waste management, and energy efficiency systems in NYC


Aromatherapy Learn some of the many ways to use essential oils. Whether trying to connect to courage and leadership or trying to connect to calmness to regroup and support our nervous and immune systems, or showing up as your best self throughout the day, there is an oil for that! Participants will ...

Cooking with Paige For Adults

Cooking with Paige For Adults Join Paige in the kitchen! In these hands-on, interactive classes, you will learn basics like knife safety and sanitation as well as tantalizing recipes like Bolognese, chicken and leek pot pie, pot roast, and dessert. So if anyone asks what you’re up to tonight, tell ...

Work & Home Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Learn how to prepare for an emergency in your home, work, or community. In-person and remote ...

Gardening with/ Series

Gardening with/ Series Gardening provides an opportunity to engage the whole body, spirit, and mind. We are reminded of our connection to nature. Plus we get to grow and eat yummy, healthy food! Learn gardening basics to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, and native pollinator-attracting plants. ...

Nature Crafts Workshops

Nature Crafts Workshops The study of Ethnobotany shows how humans have used plants for many things, from clothing to crafts, tools, housing, food, medicine, and furnishings. Mother Nature provides us with many colors, shapes, textures, scents, and patterns to explore. Create art using materials we ...

Green Infrastructure & Street Trees

Green Infrastructure & Street Trees Learn about what happens when plants, urban planning, and architecture come together. GI lowers city air temperatures reducing the heat island effect, insulates and protects the longevity of roofs, controls Stormwater runoff, prevents floods and contamination ...


Wellness Everyone benefits when we take care of ourselves. Wellness is holistic care for body, mind, and spirit.  Spending time on wellness, shifts our mindsets, and allows the body to function better. Join our instructors in a variety of quiet body activities, yoga, meditation, nature walks, gentle ...

We work with individuals and organizations small and large.
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We work with individuals and organizations small and large. Contact us to customize a workshop for you!