Our bodies are also living machines, and the better we care for them, the better it functions.

Learn healthy, whole-body techniques for rest, repair, and rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit.

Sustainability- Conservation Stewardship

Learn about our renewable and non-renewable resources, our consumer habits, and the effects of it all on the planet.  Learn how to track, calculate, and adjust water and energy usage, or focus on recycling with our waste management module.


Nature Crafts

The study of Ethnobotany shows how humans have used plants for everyday items throughout time, from clothing to crafts, tools, housing, food, medicine, and furnishings. Mother Nature provides us with many colors, shapes, textures, scents, and patterns to explore.

Create art using materials we find, collect, repurpose, and reuse from nature and our built environment.

Green Infrastructure & Street Trees

Support your local plants and trees!

These simple and attractive features in our city streets are efficient techniques of green infrastructure. They catch and save rainwater, reduce the effects of stormwater runoff and beautify your landscape! Learn how you can adopt and care for one near you.

Gardening for Teens 13-18yrs

Join our educators as they show teens how to master their green thumb!

Gardening for Kids 5-12yrs

Join our educator in the garden to learn the basics of planting yummy veggies.

Cooking with Paige For Kids

Join Paige in the kitchen where your child will learn how to create healthy, simple, and delicious meals!


School & Home Emergency Preparedness

Kids can learn how to prepare for an emergency in your home, school or community.


Having a family emergency plan in place can keep everyone informed and safe.


This workshop shows students, families, and staff what to think about, know and do in an emergency.