CCHR Staff Wellness Day Retreat

The New York City Commission on Human Rights works to inform on and enforce the laws affecting our human and civil rights. Not a light job.

The wonderful CCHR NYC management team reached out to us to assist with their first Staff Wellness Day Retreat.

Environmental Education goes hand-in-hand with wellness and self-care, as, we are extensions of the planet.

When one system is out of balance, it affects every other interconnected system.

Therefore, even small acts to rebalance ourselves can have great and far-reaching effects!

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As project manager, I coordinated logistics and curated a team of skilled wellness and self-care professionals, each with a passion for sharing knowledge and rebuilding community.

They guided CCHR staff through group #yoga sessions in the park, planting #succulent companions to grow with at work or at home, participants also learned about the effects of #essential oils to make #aromatherapy stress relief sprays, and explored the power of #nativeplants, with an #herb walk and talk.

Some just came to relax with co-workers, play games, or lay in the grass under a shady tree and relax in beautiful NYC’s 3rd largest park, Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx!

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