P231k @ 180 School Garden and Workshops

What does a school do with grant funds for a garden project, with no school garden experience, and an 8-week deadline to complete the project? They call us!

A science teacher from P231k @180 reached out to us, looking for help with a Department of Sustainability grant they had won.

We helped them implement a small school garden and conducted a 6 week series of workshops for their students with special needs.

Research shows that spending time outdoors and working with plants helps us in many ways. Students are able to make connections with what they learn in science, math, language arts, and other subjects as they are guided through projects aligned with state educational standards.

All of our senses are engaged and we benefit from fresh air, physical movement, working with others to complete tasks, and observation of nature’s elements. Plus the ability to learn about, grow and eat fresh and healthy vegetables!

Students develop their connection to plants, the health of their bodies, and the well-being of the planet.


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