Beazer's Garden Workshops


Staff & Volunteer Training: Green Curriculum Professional Development

Staff & Volunteer Training: Green Curriculum Professional Development

We believe in building partnerships with all the people in the organizations we work with.
Whether you’re an administrator, educator, a PTA group, or part of the “on-the-ground” staff, we promote team building for community engagement.

Learn best practices in:

  • Engaging in community and volunteer training
  • Education entry points and the many ways we are connected to plants and the planet
  • Engaging your students in community service activities
  • Learn how to enhance NYS Learning Standards for STEAM, Social Studies, Literacy, Nutrition, Physical Education, and Social Emotional Learning goals through environmental science in outdoor, and indoor spaces.

Garden Planning & Maintenance

Garden Planning & Maintenance

Learning Gardens provide school communities with many tangible and unseen benefits, they enhance student academic integration and provide space to develop our physical and social-emotional health.

Challenge: The energy and time needed to care for school gardens are often unexpected by school staff.

Solution: We help you plan, install and maintain a year-round, interactive, learning garden classroom.

Want to grow your sustainability, science, nutrition, and ecology curriculum with an educational garden? Do you have a space you’d like to build a garden?

Do you have already have a garden and need help maintaining it? We can help you from start to finish!

We Provide:

  • Garden Design and Build
  • Planting and Garden Maintenance Plans
  • Connections to your academic calendar
  • Earth-friendly methods of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), invasive species control, and companion planting
  • Grow your own organic, herbal, medicinal, sun/shade, edible gardens.

Eco Grant Writing

Environmental Education Grant Writing

Effective grant writing involves more than filling out an application.

It involves detailed project planning and the ability to articulate your idea clearly and concisely.

Kimberly Beazer brings decades of experience in eco grant writing and will provide access to winning resources that help to secure program funding.

  • Organize your program mission to convey your goals with descriptive data-based text
  • Prepare for the many city-wide greening and sustainability grant opportunities available

Eco Education Program Management

Eco Education Program Management

Many schools want environmental science and gardening content for their programs. The challenge is that most schools don’t have the resources or capacity to maintain sustainable programs over time.

The level of skill, interest, and commitment of staff, lack of funding, and lack of time are some reasons why many school garden programs don’t last.

Beazer’ Garden Workshops (BGW) provides you with insight on building healthy structured systems that thrive for the long-term, not just for a grant cycle.

We have over 26 years of educational program management, helping organizations build successful eco-programs in New York City and Westchester. At your service.

Experienced working with K-12 public, private and charter schools, nonprofit community-based organizations, and High School & Adult CTE programs!

We work with your Education Leadership Teams to help you build on what matters to you: School Wellness, Student Support Services, Community/Parent Engagement, STEAM/Civics, and Students’ Social and Emotional Wellbeing.

  • We can help you organize your goals, resources, and team, and create your eco program roadmap. OR
  • We can run an eco-program in your day school or afterschool schedule with Educators, Curriculum, and ongoing Program Support