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Beazer’s Garden provides fun, educational, ecology-based workshops for your students, giving them the tools to understand their role and relationship to the environment. Building blocks that help students connect their home life, school life and their developing sense of self.

Our EnviroScience workshops are aligned to city and state educational standards, and give your students hands-on, interdisciplinary experiences that last a lifetime! Lessons have built-in written and recorded informal assessments, to measure student engagement. We support School Wellness, Student Support Services, Community/Parent Engagement, STEAM/Civics, Students Social Emotional Wellbeing.

Our workshops instill a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship in the next generation and empower participants to be a viable part of the solution. Offering supervised, mentor-rich, real-life, learning experiences, and opportunities for sharing of values, vision, and goals.


  • Student self-discovery & self-assessment
  • Youth Character Development to grow caring, and confident future leaders
  • Development of students’ cooperative social skills and peaceful peer culture
  • Cross cultural engagement to build community connections
  • Provides service-learning stewardship, civic engagement, and volunteer opportunities
  • Exposure to green careers and future goals

Your program may include these and other topics.

School & Home Emergency Preparedness

School & Home Emergency Preparedness Having a family emergency plan in place can keep everyone informed and safe. Students will learn how to prepare for an emergency in their home, school, or community. Educational and Skill-Building Connections Health & Wellness Critical Thinking Skills Civic community engagement Know your spaces Emergency teams of our city ...

EnviroSci Garden & Nutrition

Gardening & Nutrition The garden provides an opportunity to engage the whole body and mind. A place where children (of all ages) can explore and learn something new about the science and magic of plants! Whether indoors or outdoors, in containers, or in raised beds, Grow your food! Learn how we are connected to plants ...

Green Infrastructure & Street Tree Stewardship

Green Infrastructure & Street Tree Stewardship Learn what happens when plants and architecture come together. Green Infrastructure like greenroofs, green streets, rain gardens and bioswales  lower city air temperatures reducing the heat island effect, controls Stormwater runoff, creates habitat for animals and insects, AND beautifies the city! Educational and Skill-Building Connections: The interconnected nature of ...

Nature Crafts

Nature Crafts The study of Ethnobotany shows how humans have used plants for many things, from clothing to crafts, tools, housing, food, medicine, and furnishings. Mother Nature provides us with many colors, shapes, textures, scents, and patterns to explore. Create art using materials we find, collect, repurpose, and reuse from nature and our built environment. ...


Sustainability Learn about our renewable and non-renewable resources, our consumer habits, and the effects of it all on the planet. Learn how to track, calculate, and adjust water and energy usage, or focus on recycling with our waste management module. Educational and Skill-Building Connections Interdependence of our built and natural environments Learn how green spaces ...


Wellness Wellness is holistic care for the body, mind, and spirit.  Spending time on wellness, shifts our mindsets, and allows the body to function better. Everyone benefits when we take care of ourselves. Students can then better engage in educational activities, as they develop self-awareness, self-control, self-expression, and social-cooperative skills. Educational and Skill-Building Connections Our ...

We work with individuals and organizations small and large.
Contact us to customize a workshop for you!

We work with individuals and organizations small and large. Contact us to customize a workshop for you!