Wellness is holistic care for the body, mind, and spirit.  Spending time on wellness, shifts our mindsets, and allows the body to function better.

Everyone benefits when we take care of ourselves.

Students can then better engage in educational activities, as they develop self-awareness, self-control, self-expression, and social-cooperative skills.

Educational and Skill-Building Connections

  • Our bodies need rest, healthy food, and exercise to function well
  • Our bodies are connected to nature
  • Nutrients and our bodies
  • Yoga
  • Meditation and quiet time
  • Physical Fitness
  • We learn how to manage our energy and keep our bodies healthy.


  • Age-appropriate content for PreK-12th grade.
  • In-Person and Remote options
  • Indoor and Outdoor lessons
  • We provide an experienced educator and curriculum to connect to your existing framework.
  • Serving public, private and charter schools, community-based educational organizations, and Adult CTE programs

Single Session Workshop

  • Max 30 people per group, including adults from your program to monitor
  • 1hr or 1 class period
  • good to highlight unit topics, community wellness events, parent engagement activity

School Day Series 

  • Full school day, 1-5 days a week
  • Max 30 people per group, including adults from your program to monitor
  • Fall 15 weeks- Winter 9 weeks- Spring 13 weeks, (can book custom timeframes)

Afterschool Option

  • 2:40pm-6pm
  • Max 14 students per group
  • Fall 15 weeks- Winter 9 weeks- Spring 13 weeks

Payment Options

  • DOE Vendor #BEA223146
  • NYC and State MWBE- FMS Vendor #VC00229957
  • Purchase Order or MTAC RFP solicitation
  • Partner with me on a Grant
  • Venmo/PayPal/Check payments accepted

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