🌱 Discover the Science of Interdependence with our Eco-Programs 🌱
Discover the Science of Interdependence with our Eco-Programs

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We offer a variety of programs tailored to meet the needs of students from Kindergarten to High School, and beyond. 

We custom-curate interactive educational content and workshops that spark curiosity and foster a love for nature while providing valuable experiences that encourage life-long learning.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need assistance in maintaining an existing garden, our team of experts help communities create vibrant and active learning spaces.

We guide you every step of the way in building a thriving garden.

Our Professional Development & Program Management services are designed help schools and local communities build their capacity to sustain eco-programming.

We help you organize your goals, resources, and team to create your eco program roadmap.

Our Process

A One-Stop Solution for Your Eco-Program

From experienced educators and curated curriculum, to program supplies and ongoing support, we provide everything you need.


With our team of experts by your side, you'll have the guidance and support needed to enhance your spaces into an active learning environments.


Let's organize your goals, resources, and team to create your eco-program roadmap to success.

Ready, Set, Grow!

We offer comprehensive environmental educational workshops and program management services that help you set up a vibrant eco-program.


You set the pace. We offer ongoing support on a monthly or annual basis, or we can up-skill your staff so they can manage the program for you!

We pride ourselves in our ability to collaborate, create, and deliver quality support for environmental education projects.

Sowing Seeds of Resiliency

Greetings! I’m Kimberly Beazer, an environmental educator and seasoned program manager with 27-year experience developing ecology-based programs for educational centers throughout Westchester and NYC. I love teaching about our interdependent connection to our built and natural environments. When we care for the places we live, it communicates our shared values, increases mutual and self-respect, rebuilds human capital, and fosters stronger communities!

Why Beazer's Garden Workshops?

A mission for a greener NYC

Our mission is to help New York City achieve its sustainability goals by providing comprehensive education on ecology.

Your goals, our priority

We understand that everyone has unique learning goals in ecology. We Offer Tailored, Flexible Services.

Expert guidance every step of the way

We provide the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure the success of your ecology initiatives.

A comprehensive range of services

Whether you require consultation, program management, learning modules on ecology, or sustainability practices - we have a solution.

Building green spaces together

We provide services in crafting green spaces. Whether it's a school garden transformation or creating an urban oasis, we provide the building blocks for your program.

A commitment to sustainability

Our programs not only educate about ecology but also emphasize the importance of resource conservation and environmental stewardship, turning education into action.

Partner Organizations

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