🌱 Discover the Science of Interdependence with our Eco-Programs 🌱
Discover the Science of Interdependence with our Eco-Programs

Beazer's Garden

Urban Environmental Education Services

Professional Development

Training and Program Management

We have almost three decades of experience working with NYC Public School Administrative and Educational teams and pride ourselves in our ability to collaborate, create, and deliver quality consultative and educational support for environmental education projects.

We believe in building the capacity of your team to maintain ecology and sustainability programs and care for onsite green spaces. 

We offer year-round program management, professional development, and training for schoolteachers, volunteers,  “on-the-ground” staff, PTA’s, or other community groups. 

Professional development and training for groups

Our workshops enhance skills and knowledge in implementing eco-programs effectively.

With us you can learn about:

  • Creating outdoor learning spaces
  • Managing groups in outdoor education
  • Developing Environmental Education Curriculum
  • Understanding Garden & Ecology/Plant & Insect ID 101
  • Engaging students in community service
  • Participating in Citizen Science investigations & challenges
  • Implementing City & State waste management & sustainability initiatives
  • Enhancing NYS Learning Standards for STEAM, Social Studies, Literacy, Nutrition, Physical Education, and Social Emotional Learning through environmental science in outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • Options for Indoor, Outdoor, and Remote learning

Achieve Self-Reliance & Inspire Others

Beazer’s Garden provides you with insight on building healthy structured systems that thrive for the long-term. We have 27 years of experience in educational program management, helping organizations build successful eco-programs in New York City and Westchester.

By gaining self-reliance through our workshops, you’ll feel empowered to take control of your own sustainable program. 

You’ll become a beacon of inspiration for others, motivating them to embrace urban environmental Education practices in their own lives.

Leverage our Experience!

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